We Understand your needs and respond with effective Solutions


Our Enrolled Agents are: Specialists in Tax Controversies, Certified Tax Resolution Specialists with more than thirty years in the field of Taxation and over seventeen years representing clients with Tax Problems. We are members of: NAEA, NATP, AATP, ASTPS, FSEA, BSEA and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Tax Council.

Every Year our Technical Staff have to obtain more than 60 hours of Continue Professional Education (CPE) in order to stay update with the ever changing Field of Tax Law, Accounting, Ethics, Representation and IRS Procedure to assure an excellent performance defending our clients position before the IRS. Every case is assigned to a team of two or more Professionals, each one with a specific function and responsibilities: Enrolled Agents, Certified Tax Resolution Specialists, Tax Researchers, Specialists in Tax Controversies, Accountants are some of the technical staff that can conform our Professional Teams.


Our commitment to our clients is: We are going to represent you with professionalism, knowledge, experience and courage in order to make your rights prevail. A Case Manager will be assigned to you and will keep you abreast of every step in the progress of your case.

Through the years representing taxpayers before the IRS, our agents have established a good reputation and a professional relationship with the IRS based on a mutual respect, honest and compliance with the law. Every case, every meeting, every position we defended, is done with the highest level of professionalism and ethics. This level of conduct is very important in our line of work when we represent our clients, knowing that we act in their names, their reputation as well as ours is on the negotiation table.We take every assignment with responsibility, accuracy and act within the Law and Regulations, but with courage making the strongest defense of our client’s rights and position.

Customer Service

From a company you can trust and one who puts your needs at the highest priority. We pride ourselves on achieving the utmost levels of customer service and client management. Understanding your needs and responding with effective resolution is just one of our strong points